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    APC UPS Solution – We are leading APC UPS Dealer in Mumbai, Distributor and Supplier in India

    The APC UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a high-density, double-conversion online UPS system designed to provide robust power protection with scalable runtime. This advanced technology ensures a continuous and reliable power supply by swiftly switching to battery power in the event of a power disruption or outage. The system’s scalable runtime feature allows users to customize and extend the backup power duration according to their specific needs, making it an adaptable solution for a variety of applications and environments.

    As part of the Smart-UPS lineup, Schneider Electric India takes pride in offering a meticulously designed range of smart UPS systems to cater to all your computer-related needs. Our expert professionals have crafted these systems to provide power protection for a diverse array of applications, including data networks, servers, light industrial setups, medical labs, and more.

    What sets these online UPS systems apart is their exceptional features. They boast flexibility, requiring low maintenance, and are highly adaptable to various environments. Additionally, they come with the added advantage of easy and convenient compatibility, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing setup. Choose Schneider Electric’s Smart-UPS for reliable and efficient power protection tailored to the unique demands of your computing infrastructure.

    Key Features of NPSPL’s Data Center UPS Solutions

    The Unity series is a single-phase, double-conversion online UPS characterized by its output power factor. This advanced UPS not only ensures a reliable power supply but also offers enhanced management features. Designed for efficiency and stability, the Unity UPS is a cutting-edge solution for diverse applications where a robust and precisely managed power source is essential.

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    An Adaptive UPS Engineered for Unstable Power Conditions Across the Globe

    Smart-UPS™ On-Line delivers high-density, double-conversion, online power protection tailored for servers, voice/data networks, medical labs, and light industrial applications. With a flexible load support ranging from 1 kVA to 10 kVA in a convertible rack/tower chassis, the 6 kVA, 8 kVA, and 10 kVA models stand out with their unity output power factor. This unique feature empowers them to efficiently support power-hungry blade servers and heavily loaded equipment racks.

    For critical systems requiring extended runtime measured in hours, not minutes, Smart-UPS On-Line can be customized with multiple battery packs to meet demanding runtime requirements. The package includes PowerChute™ Network Shutdown management software, facilitating unattended graceful shutdowns of network operating systems. Models ranging from 5 kVA to 10 kVA come equipped with an integrated network management card for convenient remote management.

    The entire Smart-UPS On-Line family is designed to provide exceptional value to customers facing challenging power conditions. This includes a broad input voltage window, precise output voltage regulation, frequency regulation, internal bypass, and input power factor correction. Choose Smart-UPS On-Line for reliable and comprehensive power protection in demanding environments.

    Pinnacle of Industry-Leading Protection

    High-density, double-conversion On-Line power protection ensures a seamless power supply with zero transfer time. This robust system plays a crucial role in safeguarding your critical electronics and data against potentially harmful power conditions and disturbances.

    Dependable and Uninterrupted Power Source

    Offers a dependable and continuous power source, even in challenging power environments. This includes a broad input voltage window, precise output voltage regulation, frequency regulation, internal bypass, and input power factor correction.

    Extended Runtime for Seamless Business Continuity

    Crafted with the capability to fulfill demanding runtime needs, Smart-UPS On-Line can be tailored with multiple hot-swappable battery packs. This not only extends the runtime but also allows replacement without the need for powering down the system.

    Sustainable EcoDesign

    With systems ranging from 1 to 20 kVA and offering convenient, flexible installation options, Smart-UPS On-Line delivers the essential battery backup your systems require while optimizing space, time, and effort. Each system features a high-efficiency “green mode” that attains 98% efficiency, effectively lowering utility and cooling expenses without compromising performance or reliability.

    24/7 Customer Service

    At Nishant Power Solution, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 to address any inquiries, concerns, or emergencies you may encounter during the rental period.

    Optimizing UPS Density with Industry-Leading Power Factor: SRT 1 kVA – 10 kVA in Rackmount and Tower Configurations

    Key Features

    Best-in-Class Power Density

    Standard features include industry-leading power density, providing more real power in watts. Achieves a power factor of 0.9 pf on 2.2 kVA – 5 kVA, Unity on 1-1.5 kVA units, and 6 kVA – 10 kVA units.

    High-Efficiency “Green Mode”

    The UPS operates in a high-efficiency “green mode,” achieving an impressive 98 percent efficiency. This not only saves utility and cooling costs but does so without compromising performance or reliability

    Graphical LCD Display

    The UPS features a graphical LCD display with a multicolor backlight. The intuitive interface provides detailed and accurate information, offering the ability to configure settings locally.

    Intelligent Battery Management

    Temperature-compensated charging extends battery life, and advanced algorithms recommend replacement dates. The UPS can inform users which batteries need replacement and can auto-detect when additional battery packs are added.

    Built-in Energy Meter

    The UPS comes equipped with a built-in energy meter that measures energy use. It displays UPS efficiency in various modes of operation, facilitating easy energy tracking

    Operate Without Battery

    The UPS has the ability to immediately protect equipment when power returns after a complete discharge of the battery.

    Three-Year Warranty on Electronics

    Standard three-year warranty on electronics, with an additional year of warranty protection for added peace of mind

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – APC Online UPS

    What is an APC Online UPS, and how does it differ from other UPS systems?

    An APC Online UPS is an Uninterruptible Power Supply that provides continuous power by constantly converting AC power to DC and then back to AC. This ensures seamless power delivery, even during electrical disturbances. Unlike traditional UPS systems, APC Online UPS systems offer consistent protection with zero transfer time.

    What capacity options are available for APC Online UPS systems?

    APC offers a range of capacities for Online UPS systems, typically from 1 kVA to 20 kVA, providing flexibility to match the power requirements of various applications.

    Can APC Online UPS systems be easily installed in different environments?

    Yes, APC Online UPS systems are designed for convenient and flexible installation. They can be easily integrated into various setups, including rack-mount and tower configurations, catering to the specific needs of different spaces.

    How does the “green mode” in APC Online UPS contribute to energy efficiency?

    The “green mode” in APC Online UPS systems achieves a remarkable 98% efficiency. This feature optimizes energy consumption, reducing utility and cooling costs without compromising the performance or reliability of the UPS.

    Can APC Online UPS systems be configured for extended runtime requirements?

    Yes, APC Online UPS systems, particularly in the Smart-UPS On-Line series, can be configured with multiple hot-swappable battery packs. This not only extends the runtime but also allows for battery replacement without powering down the system.

    What kind of warranty and support does APC provide for its Online UPS systems?

    APC offers standard warranties on its Online UPS systems, typically covering three years for electronics. Customers can also explore additional warranty options for extended coverage, providing peace of mind.

    How does the APC Online UPS contribute to sustainable practices and eco-design?

    APC emphasizes sustainable EcoDesign in its UPS systems, aligning with environmentally friendly practices. This commitment ensures that APC Online UPS systems are designed with a focus on energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

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